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The Closeout Process

Project Work Completed

CCP creates punchlist

Trades complete punchlist

Trades complete              punchlist

CCP notifies Architect & Owner of completion

Architect & Owner makes punchlist

The project close out process starts at project kick-off. Completing the project work and punchlist process is only the beginning. Below is additional items provided as apart of the project close out process.

  • Completed Punchlist

  • Certificate of Substantial Completion

  • O&M Manuals

  • Final Inspection and Certificate of Occupancy

  • Testing of completed systems and Start up

  • Spare parts and Extra Materials

  • Keys, Permanent Cylinders and Rekeying

  • Record Drawings

  • Warranties and Guarantees

  • Affidavits of Payments, Lien Releases, and Consent of Surety

  • Training as required by the project

  • Post-occupancy services

Punchlist Completed

Architect issues Certificate of Substantial Completion

CCP completes project


Punchlist Process

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